Die Before Nightfall

Shirlee McCoy
Die Before Nightfall
Language: English
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2005-10-01
Revisión: 1.0
"Even out here in the country, bad things happen." Raven Stevenson was in Lakeview barely twenty-four hours when she heard those ominous words. She'd come to the small Virginia town to reconcile with her brother and forget the haunting memories of her past. She didn't expect to find friends, community — or a thirty-five-year-old mystery of tragic love. Nor did she expect to meet Shane Montgomery, whose love for his ailing aunt Abby breaks through Raven's carefully built defenses. When Abby unwittingly shares some of the secrets behind that long-buried mystery, she and Raven are targeted by someone who wants those secrets silenced — and who's willing to kill both of them to do it.